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Recent Attempted Theft of Vehicle and Generic Crime Prevention Advice.

Hi all,


Just to make you all aware of a recent unsuccessful attempted theft overnight yesterday into today. A premises within Dundee was targeted by a small group of males in dark clothing with faces covered entered the secured yard and made their way towards a camper van which was stored in said yard. 

Due to recent security improvements installed they were prevented from getting any closer to the caravan and left when the monitored alarm operator challenged them. Some positive news showing the value of improving security.


Further to the above, if you aren't already aware, we have had a recent spate of theft of vehicles, namely Ford Fiesta STs, stolen from members of the public. There is no intelligence to suggest that such vehicles stored in forecourts etc will be targeted but please ensure if you have any in your inventories that they are “boxed in" tight, or taken indoors. We are aware of instructions available on line which unfortunately local criminals are using to steal same using by bypassing the OBD (you'll probably know more about these than me!). What we do know though is that there is a weakness in the alarm system which means entering through the vehicle boot prevents the alarm going off. We have CCTV footage of a suspect doing this in Dundee. 


Please feel free to share this info with other premises and thanks for taking the time to sign up. Please try and reply if required using this system as I will soon cease sending emails. Apologies if you get this twice meantime.


Acquisitive Crime Prevention + Designing Out Crime Officer

D Division 

Partnerships Interventions and Preventions Hub

West District Housing Office

3 Sinclair Street
Tel. 01382 436532

Mob 07814 070075

Email: steven.mckay@scotland.police.uk 

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